Flip Boom Doodle

Flip Boom Doodle 1.0

Creates, edits, and shares cartoon-style animations
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Toon Boom Animation Inc.

Generate animated videos in the suite supporting basic drawing tools such as brushes, eraser, etc. it also has options for coloring the drawn objects, moving them, adding animations and rendering the results as a media file. Various templates are available. There is an option to immediately share results on social media.

Create fun animated videos using Flip Boom’s drawing tools and easy-to-use templates. Upload the videos right to your Facebook page so your friends can see them!

Main features:

- drawing tools: - Select tool
- Brush tool
- Eraser tool
- Templates
- Adjustable line width

- Coloring Tools
- Colour picker
- Brush tool
- Bucket tool
- Bright color selection

- Animating Tools
- Play button
- Add/Copy page
- See previous drawing
- Draw Behind tool
- Drawing slider

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